Serene Ultra


Serene Ultra : 11″ of Cooling Layers


1. Double Jacquard Fabric. Our premium knit fabric is designed to provide advanced breathability and comfort.

2. Quilted-Gel Memory Foam. Our patented Mlily Cooling Gel is infused into our specially quilted Comfort Memory Foam, creating a cooler, breathable sleep surface that adapts to you. 1”

3. Mlily Gel AirCell Foam. Our specialized Gel AirCell Foam is scientifically engineered to be breathable and temperature regulating. We then infuse into our Performance Memory Foam to provide a unique layer of comfort.1.5”

4. Liquid Gel FlexFoam. We’ve lined our liquid Cooling Gel into our Flex Comfort Foam for an enhanced layer of cool comfort. 1.5”

5. Flex Support Foam. A final layer of our custom Flex Support Foam provides a complete level of corner-to-corner support, delivering the deep, regenerative sleep you need. 7”